Species Specific Examinations

The ICVA has developed these examinations for use by licensing boards in evaluating a veterinarian's knowledge in Companion Animal or Equine Medicine.

These examinations can be proctored in-person at the board office, or remotely via camera softwear (such as Teams or Zoom).  The examination is web-based and can be administerd on the candidates' computer and the exam progress is monitored through the proctors computer.  Each examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions, and there are two forms of each examination available. The species specific examinations were most recently reviewed and revised in the summer of 2019. Each form comes with an ICVA-recommended passing standard. 

Boards may use them in disciplinary cases, to determine a veterinarian’s competency if that veterinarian has been licensed previously in another jurisdiction (and is now seeking licensure in your state), or for other licensure-related purposes. 

Boards have the opportunity to review any or all forms of the examinations by request.

These assessments can only be ordered by a state or territorial licnesing board.  If you are interested in ordeing an exam or have additional questions, please contact ICVA

The cost for this assessment is $400 per form.


Species Specific Examination Candidate Bulletin

The Species Specific Examination Candidate Bulletin is available on this web site in pdf format.